Connect with Your Divine Soul!


As you ripe

in this grave world,

With all the oddities,

You tend to forget

your true self.

While performing

the masquerade show

Every second,

Your mask hides

the real colour and aura

of your soul.


Do you know

the true nature

of your soul?

It is love and compassion

that you have inherited

from the Creator.

Your Soul

is the tiny drop

Of that supreme

and Divine ocean

With all the power to

Manifest love and zeal,

Spurning all the

greed and envy

and preserving

The soul’s real essence.


You live in

the realm of dualities-

Material and spiritual world,

Selfish and selfless love,

The inner self and the masked-self.

Everytime you wear the mask

You lose your real identity.

Gradually you start

seeping deeper

into the devilry

of human duality,

Ensuing your heart

to seek love

From the outside world,

Which actually lies

within you!


The world outside

Is a void.

It can only furnish

Darkness and bitterness.

You will discover

Real treasure

When you look within.

It is only your soul

That can Nurture you

with that selfless love

That your heart

always craves for!

Connect with your Divine soul

And Conquer your prolific heart!


Your World – a Mayhem or Fruitful?

Would have your life been

but like a fairy tale?

Miraculously blissful and

Mysteriously flawless.

Certainly, you cannot be a fairy

For the fairy tale world is unfeasible!


Who are you?

You are the immortal soul,

Who is living in the body.

Once the body perishes

You wing your way

To the kingdom of God-

To the real world.

For the world we live in

Is fake with all the feelings,

Wealth and comforts in it.


What lies beyond the material world-

Hell or heaven?


For it exists in

Every moment you live.

When you guide

Arrogance, wrath, envy,

Hatred and pride

Into your heart,

You fall into

The flames of hell.

When you yield

Kindness, zeal, love

Humility and charity

In your soul

You open for yourself

The Doors of heaven.


Two dogs reside within you,

The good and the evil.

Which of them wins?

The one that you choose.

Learn to feed the good dog

And it will dwell within you

Weakening the other one with time.

Not every man understands this,

But those who do,

Elivate their soul from

The notions of expectations

From life,

Leaving no room for

The sorrow to reside

in their hearts.


Educate the world that

Humans are not hungry for food,

They are hungry for Love!

Be the messenger of Love,

And your peaceful soul

will dazzle the brightest

In the cosmos.

Trust the power of your brain!

Gloominess enters our hearts

From the worlds we live in :

Past brings sorrow,

Present generates tension

And future introduces fear.

Obliterate the things that are

weighing your soul down,

By unclipping the wings

of your mind, to let it fly,

To the places

more colourful and bright.


Where are you seeking happiness from?

Your luxurious cars,

or your sophisticated banglows?

That diamond necklace,

or any such instrument

that provides momentary pleasure?

This maturing world

is failing to realise

that peace is but a state of mind!

Anything coming in or

going out of your life

Should not affect

the stability of your mind!


Go on a Quest around the world

for real pleasure-

Read books , Explore the poles ,

Learn nature, Converse with strangers

and Contemplate the Creator of the Universe.

You will be infused

with the supernatural energy

to create your own world of blissfulness.


In the darkest corner of this hell,

Your brain is all powerful to leave

the fleeting world of materialistic glee,

By captivating all the glitters

from the dark Universe

And adorning it

on your self-ruled mind,

and entering the

alluring world of ecstacy!

All you need to do is –

Trust the power your brain holds

And it will show you what all it can conquere!

She Rules Herself !

Well, there are million shades of her:


She is a girl with flaming self-respect,

Doesn’t give up! Doesn’t stop learning!

She is the queen of worriors,

The princess that tames the dragons;

She rules her own demons;

She barely speaks but steals

Every strangers heart

With her infectious smile.

For all those who know her,

Even a little,

Knows that her heart is all filled

With love, kindness and sunshine.

And her soul is adorned with

The priceless gems of

Marvellousness and mystical uniqueness.

You think you know her? NO!

For she refuses to open

Her heart to the world.


Somewhere inside, being unaware herself;

Already wearing the glass sandals;

She waits for her Prince

To bring her the perfect Cinderella moment.

Having her own sword for her rescue,

She waits for her

Knight in shinning armour

To make promises of eternal togetherness!


She is the kind of girl

Who redefines everything

You thought you knew.

She chases the rainbows

For she believes in all the colours

She is made up of.

She is fierce, hurricane, mystic and untamable‚Äč.

She is the air

You feel but can’t touch.

Her eyes can be

Your happy place, to stop and stare.

She has got that spark,

To bring your mind the desired clamness.

She has got that craziness,

That you want to

Hold on to her.

She has all the mysticism,

That you don’t want to tell the world,

Otherwise you are going to lose her!